FaceDiff - Face Recognition API

Complete API service facilitating face recognition with sophisticated proprietary technology only available via facediff.com. Write your own improvements in a wide variety of scripting languages, if they lead to more accurate results they will be ported to the main binaries. FaceDiff will take face recognition to the next level.

Coming Soon...

Wear a Cam

A camera feeding images to your smartphone is the source of the images. Use one that clips over your ear, your hat, or belt.

See a Crowd

As you move through crowded public places, places where you aren't likely to be aware when you have friends, family, or others of interest around, the app will connect to our servers.

FaceDiff CrowdWatch

Using cutting-edge technology available only through the FaceDiff API, CrowdWatch goes through your social media links (and even others like celebrities, if you want) and lets you know when they are nearby.

In the background, all images collected by FaceDiff users are also run against missing person's photos, and if a match is detected FaceDiff works with the appropriate authorities to determine whether this is the likely location of that missing person.